To make your purchase or real estate sales easy, here are some frequently asked questions which we received from our clients:

Needed documentation for real estate purchase

What documentation is necessary to safely buy or sell a real estate?

Why to hire real estate agency mediator

Few advices why it’s always better to hire authorized mediator for real estates.
Authorized mediator in real estate mediating is a professional. Coordinated with the law that clearly states who can be authorized in doing business that is mediating. This is just one of many reasons why buyers and sellers don’t have it in their interest to work with someone “under the radar” and unregistered.

How to sell a real estate using agency services

We are planning to sell our real estate… how to proceed?
Hire a professional from a licensed Real estate agency and agree on a meeting in your real estate so insight could be gained into actual state and documentation.

How to buy a real estate using agency services

Plan the details on wanted real estate (house, apartment, land, business space). Check your credit worthiness, get informed on the possibility of getting credit in multiple banks and decide on the one that offers you best conditions. If you are not depending on the bank, then make your purchase limits and make a plan. Coordinate your wishes and possibilities in order to have a financial plan for real estate purchase.