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Kajzerica - Podbrežje - Building 30

Zagreb, Kajzerica

  • Number of properties: 1
  • Area: from 71.83m2 to 71.83m2
  • Price: from 179.575 € to 179.575 €
  • Price/m2: from 2.500 € to 2.500 €
  • Finish date: 3/2022

Project description

Kajzerica - Podbrežje - new project under construction, completion is 3.2022.

It consists of a high ground floor and 3 floors. A total of two buildings, 7 apartments in each building. The buildings have 2 bedroom apartments from 32m2 to 45m2, 3 bedroom apartments of 54m2, and a penthouse with a 4 bedroom terrace of 75m2.

High quality construction, A + energy certificate - heating with the help of heat pumps is provided.


Every buyer has the opportunity to participate in furnishing their dream home, or in the selection of built-in equipment (in the range of prices and offers of investors, or more expensive with extra charge).

There is a possibility of minor changes in the floor plan, according to the wishes of the customer, all in agreement with the architect of the investor (if the same is possible).





1.1. CONSTRUCTION: load-bearing walls - masonry thermo block with brick thickness d = 25 cm, reinforced concrete monolithic mezzanine slabs, d = 20 cm, partition walls made of brick

1.2. ROOF: sloping roof made of trapezoidal galvanized plastic sheet on a wooden substructure, thermal insulation on the floor with stone wool 15 cm.

1.3. FACADE: facades - system "DEMIT", final layer of noble plaster, thermal insulation 12 cm, external and internal granite benches 3 cm and 2 cm thick

1.4. EXTERIOR JOINERY: PVC joinery with 5-chamber profile with 3 seals, 3-layer low-e glass of high thermal and sound insulation (K = 0.8 W / m2K, 36 dB) with aluminum thermally insulated shutters, which meet the A category of energy efficiency , blinds and carpentry on the outside in anthracite, white on the inside

2.0. COMMON PARTS: entrance area and staircase covered with granite (floor and plinth), matt stainless steel stair railing

4.0. ENVIRONMENT: landscaped horticulture, pedestrian sections paved with concrete slabs, a separate place for garbage


5.1. APARTMENT HEIGHT: living room, kitchen, rooms: clear height from floor to ceiling 260 cm

5.2. JOINERY: interior carpentry light height 215 cm with sound-insulated sash and wide moldings, entrance door anti-burglary and fireproof with 7 locking points and sound insulation level of 36 db MUL-T-LOCK lock and cylinder, apartment keys programmed for storage entrance door

5.3. SANITARY FACILITIES: reclining bathtubs, shower trays, cantilever toilets, all sanitary facilities are fitted with the latest generation of built-in cisterns, which are characterized by inaudibility, hygiene and long-term reliability, with a button as the only visible element, one-handed fittings, class "Grohe" or class "Grohe". sanitary walls tiled with class I ceramics to the ceiling

5.4. WALLS: plastered walls: finishing - smoothing and painting with semi-dispersive paint

5.5. FLOORS: so-called floating floor, first-class oak parquet flooring or similar, high wall slats, first-class ceramic tiles - toilets, kitchens, loggias and terraces

5.6. CEILINGS: flat plastered ceilings


6.1. WATER AND SEWERAGE: separate water meter for each apartment, sewer verticals made of low-noise pipes to reduce noise, built-in cisterns

6.2. HEATING AND COOLING: Air-to-water heat pumps use air as a renewable energy source with which we heat domestic hot water and heat and cool the space. Economic and environmental orientation, improved living comfort, easy installation, use and maintenance have brought heat pumps to the forefront when choosing energy efficient systems.

6.3. VENTILATION: artificial ventilation with fans for all rooms without natural ventilation


6.4.1. GENERAL: common terrestrial TV program, color video intercom system with no contact unlocking, installation of LAN network and telephone lines with UTP cable, preparation for optical telecommunication infrastructure, separate cabinet of low voltage network (LAN / ADSL / telephone), sockets and Tem Čatež modular switches, staircase lighting and loggia ceiling lights

6.4.2. LIVING ROOM: 4 sockets, antenna, 2 pcs. connection (phone and internet) at the TV place, 2 sockets at the couch, 1 socket and light switch next to the front door

6.4.3. MAIN BEDROOM: 3 sockets, 1 antenna, internet connection near the TV or desk, 1 socket under the light switch next to the front door

6.4.4. OTHER BEDROOMS: 3 sockets, 1 antenna, internet connection at the place for TV or desk, 1 socket under the light switch next to the front door

6.4.5. BATHROOMS: ceiling lamps, 1 socket with lid at the washing machine, 1 socket with lid at the sink, independent lighting of mirrors and central lighting, fan ignition with central lighting, delayed switching off

6.4.6. KITCHENS: sockets for: oven, hob, refrigerator, washing machine, hood, 4 free sockets above the worktop additionally, lighting outlet above the worktop, lighting on the luminaire

6.4.7. HALLWAY: 1-2 sockets, depending on size, alternating lighting of lighting as needed

6.4.8. LOGGIE: 1 socket with cover, ceiling lights

7.0. GENERAL: warranty on construction, roofing and waterproofing is 10 years, for other works 3 years (standard in Croatia is 2 years), and for equipment and devices in accordance with the manufacturer, all materials used in construction and installed equipment are top quality.




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