Real estate demand

We are searching for our clients, different types of real estate in Zagreb and Croatia. If you have an apartment, house, weekend house, land, suite, business space, office, warehouse or any other real estate whose transaction is not happening fast enough or according to your wishes, feel free to contact us with confidence and we’ll do our best to help you through consulting or mediating.

We are searching for our clients that are looking to buy:

  • Construction sites for housing construction of all sizes in Zagreb on the following locations: Trešnjevka Sjever (Trešnjevka, Rudeš, Voltino), Trešnjevka jug (Jarun, Gajevo, Vrbani, Prečko, Srednjaci, Knežija), Trnje (Trnje, Martinovka, Vrbik, Cvjetno naselje, Savica, Sigečica), Stenjevec (Špansko, Malešnica), Črnomerec (Kustošija, Sveti Dug, Šestinski dol), Dubrava, Centar (Pantovčak, Šalata, Tuškanac, Zelengaj), Maksimir (Bukovac, Ravnice, Srebrnjak, Kvaternikov trg), Novi Zagreb (Kajzerica, Lanište, Trokut, Savski Gaj, Siget), Pešćenica (Folnegovićevo naselje, Borovje), Podsljeme (Gračani, Šestine).
  • Construction sites for business construction of larger quadrature in Zagreb or surrounding areas, for big halls and business spaces.
  • Apartments for adaptation (2/3/4/5 rooms) in Zagreb, desired neighborhood: Zagreb Center, Jarun, Trešnjevka, Maksimir, Vrbik, Vrbani, Knežija.
  • Apartments of more recent construction date in Zagreb Center, Trešnjevka, Maksimir, Svetice, Jarun and Novi Zagreb.
  • Business spaces and locales with show-windows in Zagreb Center, all sizes acceptable.
  • Halls and warehouses in east part of Zagreb (Žitnjak) and west part of Zagreb (Stenjevec, Podsused, Stupnik).
  • Houses for adaptation or demolition on Trešnjevka, Jarun or Kajzerica.
  • Family houses in following locations: Šalata, Ravnice, Svetice, Maksimir, Cvjetno naselje, Trešnjevka, Jarun
  • Favorably priced apartments, old houses and land on coastal areas (near the sea).

* Proper ownership and full documentation are obligatory.

We are looking for our rent-givers/lessors:

  • For good lease/rent for a longer period of time:
  • Smaller apartments (furnished) with one or two rooms in following locations: Trešnjevka, Jarun, Maksimir, Svetice, Vrbik
  • Bigger apartments (furnished) with three or four rooms in Zagreb Center, Trešnjevka, Maksimir. Parking spot or a garage is a plus.
  • Street locales with shop-window in Zagreb Center.
  • Office spaces of all sizes (from Kvaternik Square and Radnička Street to Škorpikova Street).
  • Halls and warehouses (Žitnjak, Stenjevec, Podsused, Stupnik, Sv. Nedjelja)

* Rent/lease contracts are signed for a minimum 1 year length up to 5 years or longer.