Why choose the services of a real estate agency?

Why choose the services of a real estate agency?

Buying or selling real estate is a big event in life, but often one of the more stressful.

If you are not at the same time skilled in independent search or sales, finance, law or government administration, there are experts who are and who will minimize the stress of buying and selling for you.

If you are a buyer, the agency will, first and foremost, check the orderliness of all real estate papers, starting with ownership, permits, and possible encumbrances on the real estate.
The agency will help you in concluding a contract of sale, as well as in registration in the land register, transfer of ownership and obtaining a title deed. The listed steps can be quite unclear, stressful, and require a lot of free time for the average customer.
Also, the agent can submit documents to the tax administration for you, as well as help you transfer utilities to the new owner, or advise you on real estate financing options.

If you are a seller, with the help of an agency, you will be more accessible to a wider range of customers, because with good agency marketing, your ad will be visible on multiple platforms, starting from the agency's website, to various web classifieds and social networks.
Based on experience and knowledge of the market situation, the agent will objectively assess the real price of the property. A lot of owners are subjective in assessing the value of their property, whether for emotional or other reasons, which can often be the key to the failure of an independent property sale.
The whole process, of course, requires a lot of free time and nerves from the owner. The agent will organize tours of the property for you, so that you will not have to meet a large number of buyers in person, or be available to them at any time of the day, either in person or by phone.
In addition to all the above information, keep in mind the following - unfortunately, there are always agencies working illegally on the market. Such an agency does not provide you with any protection in case of any possible problems.

You can easily check the legality of each agency in the Register of Real Estate Brokers at the Croatian Chamber of Commerce (HGK):

With the above tips, avoid that a small mistake or rashness in an excessive desire for a new home costs you legal nightmares.